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Metabolism – Energy Burned Whilst Doing Nothing

Your body is constantly burning kilojoules just to stay alive, even when you are watching television or sleeping! Knowing your Basal (Resting) Metabolic Rate is useful when trying to lose fat and gain muscle. You essentially get a baseline of the minimum kilojoules required just to live.DEXA scan image

There is a lot of hype out there about metabolism and things that supposedly raise or lower ones metabolism,most of them are false. A reliable way to work out your Basal Metabolic Rate is to accurately know your lean tissue mass. Lean tissue mass ( so that’s muscles and organs ) are the biggest users of kilojules.
There are a lot of Metabolism formulas on the internet which ask for your height, weight etc. in an effort to estimate of your lean tissue. The best way to determine your lean tissue is to get a DEXA scan. DEXA scans show the total lean tissue, fat and bone on your body. Once you know the lean tissues in kilograms, a formula can be applied to determine your Basal Metabolic Rate. Bodymeasure, Sydney’s leading experts in body composition can accurately measure your lean tissue and calculate your metabolic rate for you. Once this has been done, you have an accurate baseline from which to determine the kilojoules you should consume from your diet and the kilojoules you should burn off from exercise. 

Because Basal Metabolic rate is determined by lean tissue, the good news is through working out you can increase your lean muscle mass and therefore raise your metabolism! Regular DEXA scans will show you how much muscle you are gaining from your workouts so you can accurately know how much your metabolism has increased.

Body Measure are Sydney’s experts in body composition.