DEXA Scanning

The greatest tool you can have to achieve your ideal body

What does a DEXA Scan measure?

Body fat %

Total fat mass

Visceral fat*

Total lean mass

Total body bone mineral density **

Regional breakdown of trunk, left/ right arms and legs.

* Visceral fat is the bad fat around your organs that causes chronic diseases

**To perform a medical Bone Mineral Density BMD scan, please call or email to book in for a medical BMD

We calculate:

Current base line

Ideal body weight​

Ideal body fat percentage​

The fastest time you can achieve your goals

DEXA results are immediate.
No need to wait


Calculate Your total body fat

Calculate Your total lean tissue mass

Calculate your body fat percentage

Body Measure DEXA scans typically take 6 minutes

Identify your visceral fat

Identify your intramuscular fat

Determine your overall bone health


Determine if you have lost body fat and how much

Determine if you have gained or lost muscle

Your second scan at Body Measure is critical for your success.

Determine your fat to muscle loss or gain ratios

The best time to get your follow up scan is identified at your consult, depending on your scan results and composition goals.


Information from the first two scans are used to get maximum results on your third scan!

From here we continue as normal, until the ideal body fat percentage is achieved, or we reset new goals.

Clients often go from weight loss to lean tissue building at this stage.

This is often where we measure the greatest body composition changes in our clients.

The time between the second and the third scan depends on the findings from the first two DEXA scans and your personal body composition goals.

Clients who also undergo METABOLIC TESTING and DNA MACRO TESTING get better body composition results at Body Measure.

Fat to Muscle Ratios


For our clients that wish to lose body fat, knowing the fat to muscle loss ratio is critical. When humans lose body weight, they typically lose fat and muscle, the ratio of which is extremely important to your success. Surprisingly as humans lose weight, even if they work out at the gym and even if they consume a lot of protein, will still often lose muscle mass. At Body Measure, by doing thousands of scans, we have determined the optimal fat to muscle loss ratio for our clients.

By knowing this ratio during your weight loss journey, our experts at Body Measure can give advice on how to make changes to maximise fat loss and minimise muscle loss.


If your goal is to gain muscle, the fat to muscle ratio is equally important. Time and time again our experts at Body Measure see muscle gain come with unacceptable amounts of fat gain. By knowing fat to muscle ratio as you work out to gain muscle mass, our experts can give advice to maximise muscle gain whilst minimising fat gain.

Once clients have achieved their body composition goals, we advise one or two DEXA scans per year to ensure fat mass, lean tissue and bone density are all within the ranges to maintain the body that you desire.

At this stage, many clients pick new body composition goals and discuss these with our experts.