What is Metabolism?

Your metabolism otherwise known as Resting Metabolic Rate is the amount of energy in calories your body requires to maintain crucial life-sustaining processes i.e. to you’re your heart, breathe, maintained your body temperature, brain function etc at rest.


Why do I need to know my Metabolism?

Knowing your metabolism takes all the frustration and guesswork out of losing fat and gaining muscle. With an accurate metabolic measurement, calories to eat on your training days and rest days becomes known, so you can get that body you want.


How do I prepare for my Resting Metabolic Rate test?

The preparation for a metabolic test:

  • No food for 4 hours prior to your test (only exception is water)
  • Don’t exercise on the day before your test


Who should get a DEXA Bone Density Test?

People who are over 50 should consider a bone check up with a bone density scan.

If low bone density is found it means that you are more likely to fracture a bone in the future. Certain medical conditions can mean that you are more likely to suffer a bone fracture risk before the age of 50. Please consult your doctor about this.

Early bone loss detection is critical to successful medical management. If you feel you are at risk please consult your doctor.


What’s involved in having a DEXA scan?

Getting ready for your DEXA scan is simple.

The best clothes to be worn are gym type clothes. But if you are coming from work, have disposable gowns for you to change into.
For the DEXA scan you just simply lie down on your back and relax for 5-7 minutes as you get accurately measured and calculated.
The whole process and consultation will take 15- 20 minutes.


What can I do with the results of my DEXA scan?

The results interpretation from our experts is thorough! You will know your

  • Lean tissue mass
  • Fat mass
  • Body fat %
  • Precise body weight
  • You will be shown the amount of visceral fat and intramuscular fat on your body**

With this information we can work out your ideal body weight, body fat % and a realistic time frame to achieve the body you want.

** Our DEXA Scan model, is the only type of DEXA Scan that visualises visceral fat and intramuscular fat.


How does DEXA work?

Two x-ray beams at differing energy levels pass through the tissues of the body. Fat, muscle and bone each have different attenuating factors, i.e. different levels of absorption due to their unique densities. It is these attenuating factors that allow the DEXA to calculate relative masses of each tissue type in each region (trunk, arms, legs).
It is as simple as lying fully clothed (removing all metal from your body) on the DEXA table and allowing the scan to go over your body for approximately 6 minutes. It is a comfortable, quick, accessible, non-invasive and pain free way to get immediate answers!


What is body composition?

Your body consists of two types of mass: body fat and fat-free mass.

  • Body Fat is fat that is located within the body. Body fat can be in muscle tissue, under skin or around organs. Some fat is necessary for overall health. It helps protect internal organs, provides energy and regulates important body hormones. Our Body Measure DEXA scan is the only model that allows you to see the fat in the muscles and around your organs.
  • Fat Free Mass includes bone, water, muscle, and tissues. Fat-free mass is also important for the body to function properly.

Body composition is a comparison of your body’s fat and fat-free mass. When we talk about body composition, we usually refer to Body Fat % or the percentage of your body that is fat.


Can I build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Losing fat and gaining muscle is the definite goal at Body Measure, however we find that only about 5% of our clients achieve this. To grow muscle and lose fat at the same time there must be a perfect balance of nutrition, calories, rest and appropriate gym workouts. Our experts at Body Measure can advise you about this.


Can kids get DEXA scanned?

Children certainly can get DEXA scanned, however if they are under 18, they must have written permission from a doctor asking for it.


Can I have a DEXA if I am pregnant?

No. even though it is extremely low dose x-ray radiation, we do not perform DEXA Scans on pregnant women.


Is Dexa safe?

DEXA scans are extremely safe. Radiation surrounds us on a daily basis. To put the level of radiation from the DEXA in perspective:

  • An average Australian is subject to 6.3 uSv background radiation per day.
  • The DEXA scan gives a radiation dose of 0.2 uSv per scan

So if you had 32 DEXA scans back-to-back (which would be almost 3 hours of continuous DEXA scanning) you would receive the equivalent of your normal daily background radiation exposure!

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