Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions and answers about our clinic and services


See here for complete opening hours for our St Leonards clinic.

Our comprehensive price list can be found here. After your initial appointment we offer our return scans in packs - the more you pre-purchase the more you will save. Packs can be purchased in the clinic at your second appointment. The most popular are the DEXA 5 pack and the Kick Starter2 pack.

Metered street parking is available on Albany street. As well as Pole Lane Council Car Park with free 2 hr parking available, a short 2 min walk from our clinic.


St Leonards train station is closest, its a 9 min walk up the Pacific Highway to our clinic.

We advise that you don’t. Accuracy of your follow up DEXA results is the greatest when you scan on  the same machine.

All DEXA are the gold standard however individual DEXA machines will vary in calibration, image resolution and reference calibration.


See here for complete opening hours for our St Leonards clinic.Laying on the machine, on your back, arms by your side. The machine will scan you from head to toe, the technician will prepare & interpret results in the same consult. It’s as simple as that!

A lot of accurate data on your body composition! Including:

  • Total fat, muscle and bone mass in grams
  • Body fat %
  • Visceral fat levels (that’s the bad fat around your organs)
  • Your ideal weight
  • Goal setting
  • Limb imbalances plus much more such

Results are immediate! You will receive them once you have finished your scan.

No, you don’t need to fast - this is thanks to the advanced technology DEXA scans use (unlike other composition machines).

Arrive to your appointment with your usual eating and drinking patterns.

5-7 mins, relaxed on the machine bed. It is all dependent on your height - the taller you are the more time the machine needs to travel.

We recommend wearing comfortable, light and loose fitting clothes. Please avoid jeans if possible (if you cant, we have disposable gowns for your to change into)  Gym clothes are fine as long as they are not too tight and restrictive. All metal or jewellery will need to be removed,  belts, keys, coins, watches, rings, necklaces etc with the exception of hard-to-remove piercings or soldered jewellery.

Yes you can! And it won’t impact results if it stays in there.
Any metal/ implants in the body will be measured as muscle (most likely). As these won’t be coming out it will remain as a constant. If they come out then it will slightly decrease mass.

This will not affect your DEXA results! It shouldn’t have an impact on your pacemaker either, for peace of mind, so long as you are able to go through airport security you are in the clear!

Whole body DEXA scan is very safe, it emits only a small amount of radiation at 0.2 uSv per scan.

To put the level of radiation from the DEXA in perspective, radiation surrounds us on a daily basis:

  • An average Australian is subject to 6.3 uSv background radiation per day.
  • The DEXA scan gives a radiation dose of 0.2 uSv per scan

So if you had 32 DEXA scans back-to-back (which would be almost 3 hours of continuous DEXA scanning) you would receive the equivalent of your normal daily background radiation exposure!

No you do not need a medical referral.

No, we will not perform a DEXA scan if there is any chance you are pregnant.

DEXA uses x–ray technology and although there is a very small amount of radiation, there is no science to prove safety of whole body DEXA during pregnancy.

Yes you can get a whole body DEXA scan if you are breastfeeding.

You must be 18 years old or older to have a DEXA scan.

You can get a scan during your period.
During menstruation it is common to experience bloating or fluid retention, on regular scales this will show an increase in weight. When performing your DEXA scan, bloating and normal fluid retention will not affect the results as only fat, muscle and bone will be measured.

DEXA results are not affected by hydration, i.e. if you drink 2 litres of water, your DEXA weight will not increase by 2kgs but the bathroom scales will!

No they are not the same!

They all measure body fat % but they CAN NOT be compared, as they use different technology. This includes other composition tests such as:

  • Skin fold callipers (pinch test)
  • Fancy home smart scales
  • Bio-electrical impedance analysis machines (BIA) eg InBody, Tanita, Bodytrax, Evolt360

BIA results vary greatly as they depend on hydration levels (this is very difficult to standardise). Smart scales are no better, they just use an equation, and skin folds only work by measuring fat under the skin and not visceral or intramuscular fat.

DEXA is the most accurate in replicating body tissues as x-ray technology isn’t impacted by hydration. It is best practice to use DEXA as your precise baseline for body composition analysis.

Not directly, however there is a strong link with increase visceral fat and increase disease risk and decreased quality of life.

Your follow up DEXA scan depends on your personal goals, 12 weeks is most common. During the consult our experts will be able to discuss a personalised plan with you, including when it is recommended to perform a re-scan, this can range from 4 weeks to 12 months.

Metabolic Test & Macros

Your metabolism otherwise known as your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the amount of energy (calories) your body requires to maintain crucial life-sustaining processes at rest. i.e. your heart beat, breathing, maintaining your body temperature, brain function etc

It is very individual and is determined by your genetics, muscle mass and hormonal factors such as thyroid function.

Your accurate personal RMR is one of the most important factors to understanding your energy balance!

It is very important to follow the requirements below. Failure to do so, means we cannot  complete the test as the results will be inaccurate.

  • No food, coffee or any substance for 6 hours prior to your test (only exception is water)
  • Don’t exercise on the day of your test
  • No alcohol at least 24 hours prior to the test
  • Avoid any smoking and caffeinated drinks on the day of your test

You relax and breath into an individual sterilised tube for 15 mins. The results are available immediately and our experts will go through your results with you.

Knowing if you have a slow, normal or fast metabolism takes all the frustration and guesswork out of losing fat and gaining muscle. You also receive:

  • Accurate measurement of your metabolism or RMR
  • Exact calories to eat on your training days and rest days
  • Calorie plan for weight loss or maintenance.
  • Your sugar or fat burning state (RER or, respiratory exchange ratio)

It is very important to strictly fast for the 6 hrs prior to your test. Coffee or tea, even without milk,  will increase your metabolic rate and the data will be skewed and inaccurate. 
Drinking only water is acceptable.

Brushing your teeth is fine to do before your metabolic test.

Yes, it can increase considerably!

RMR can increase from 456 kj (109 cal)/day to as much as 3389 kj (811 cal)/day due to this considerable variation, testing your personalised metabolic data would be a useful tool! (Kopp-Hoolihan LE)

Yes, your metabolism will change!

It is directly affected by changes to muscle mass, medications and thyroid/ hormonal changes.

Some people will re test in 3 months to measure sugar/ fat burning changes, other will rest test in 6 months to understand maintenance calories after a calorie deficit.

Macros or your macronutrients are the nutrients giving you the largest amount of energy day-to-day. They are a combination of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Alcohol and fibre are also included.
Macros should be personalised based on your current RMR, body composition results and goals.

A 30min consult where we provide you with a specific macro ratio plan, this is based on your currently RMR results, goals and current body composition results.

  • Accurate split of carbs, protein and fat for daily consumption
  • Exact calories for each macro
  • Exact grams for each macro
  • Actionable advice on timing of food, hydration, meal composition, alcohol intake and fibre requirements.
  • Receive your macro plan (soft copy and PDF) the same day!

Be sure to have your recent metabolic data* (no older than 3 months old) and book in online for the soonest suitable appointment. 

*Results from the metabolic test are a prerequisite so you get accurate calories, grams and macro ratios.
Typically, clients will book the metabolic test + macro ratios appointment together.

DNA Test

A simple swab of your cheeks is all we need.

We post the sample to a lab in Victoria. We receive your genetic report in 4 weeks and will deliver it to you so you understand your genetic health, nutrition and fitness.

It is NOT an ancestry test, only genes related to heath and wellness are measured.

An 80 page report on 44 of your unique genes! It’s a lot! But don’t worry our experts will help interpret the results so you can put it to action.

Clients who have done the DNA swab report they are better able to reach their body composition goals as they’re equipped with this personalised data.

Commonly known genes such as:

  • MTHFR – folate metabolism
  • FTO – obesity gene
  • TAS2R38 – super taster gene
  • LIPC – blood lipid processing
  • APOA5 – cardiovascular risk

Also genes related to:

  • Fat burning ability
  • Caffeine metabolism
  • Fitness and exercise ie muscle recovery, slow/ fast twitch muscle fibres, injury risk, stamina potential.
  • Sweet tooth
  • Snacking and emotional eating
  • Lactose sensitivity
  • Salt influence on blood pressure
  • Omega 3 processing
  • Vitamin metabolism eg iron, vit D, vit C, vit A, B vitamins and calcium

We could go on, but I am sure you get the point, there’s a lot of valuable info!

Please come fasted for 30 mins prior to the test.

Gut Test

A stool sample taken from a swipe of the toilet paper after doing a #2.

Don’t worry, it’s performed from the comfort of your own home.

Once you’ve collected the sample on a cotton-bud like collector, you can secure it in the provided tube and mail to QLD in a post-paid pack!

A comprehensive personalised report on the:

  • Diversity of your gut microbiome and its complete profile
  • How your microbiome compares to others
  • Your potential to produce specific metabolites and vitamins
  • Types of food your microbes use as a fuel (both good and bad)
  • A personal shopping list of foods that will fuel your microbiome and lead to optimal health
  • Important species
  • Fungi, protists, archaea and viruses
  • Digestion potential
  • A baseline of your gut status, retesting can be done as soon as 3-6 months. Others will perform this annually

Put simply, you will walk away with a detailed understanding of your gut health as well as actionable changes you can make to your diet, to maximise the health of your gut microbiome for good!

No much prep goes into this one, for the most accurate picture of your gut microbiome we suggest waiting 3 months after taking a round of antibiotics.

Bone Density

To identify your risk of osteoporosis or osteopenia. Typically people do a BMD scan if:

  • There is osteoporosis in family history
  • Broken bones from a minor fall
  • Reached early menopause
  • Drastic loss of height

No. whole body DEXA scan is different to a Bone Mineral Density BMD test. We offer both these tests at our clinic.

BMD scan is a medical assessment of bone density, and will diagnose osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Laying on the DEXA machine we take two images, one of the lumbar spine and another of the hip. This takes approx. 10 mins.

The scans are sent to our radiologist partner who reports on the images and will send the medical report to you and your Doctor.

Results are typically available in 5 working days.

This will depend on your results and GP recommendations.

Clients who are at a high risk of Osteoporosis should re-scan in 12 months.


Why would I select this appointment?

Confused with lack of progress? Want to reassess goals? Not sure which tests are best for you? Need to check you are on the right track?

This is the appointment for you!

30 mins one-on-one with our experienced sport scientist will leave you with a practical, action plan.

Exercise, movement, lifestyle, nutrition and goals will all be addressed in the consult as well as previous test results from BodyMeasure.