The importance of Sleep on muscle gain.

Does sleep have any effect on your muscles? Our Sports Scientists hear all the time from clients that their sleeping patterns are poor. Late nights out, working late, mind racing when your head hits the pillow etc. Can you relate? It is very well known and documented that sleep plays a crucial part of humans’ […]


Congrats to our first client of the month! Elaine is a client of ours at Body Measure, Crow’s Nest and has been coming since Jan 2015. She is a great example of what perseverance and consistently measuring your results can do. We see so many clients start and give up. Those that get measured regularly […]

Belly Fat and Chronic Inflammation

Did you know that fat around your organs (known as visceral fat) is a major source of chronic inflammation in people? Without question, visceral fat is responsible for many of the health issues that plague western societies, from Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even some cancers. The new and somewhat surprising clinical finding is that visceral […]


“Hello Team This business is exemplary, and very Professional, whilst being very Personable with Adam taking time to explain. Based on the price, I was pleasantly surprised to receive such in detail consultation! I can recommend….and am going to pass on the great experience to my Contacts The RESULTS were very informative, and give me […]