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Measure your exact RMR

Frustrated by diets that just don’t work?

We can now measure your metabolic rate and determine precisely what you need to do to lose weight.

This test is simple and painless… you just sit back, relax and just breath!

What our Metabolic test measures:

  • If your metabolism is slow, normal or fast
  • Exact calories to eat on workout days
  • Exact calories to eat on rest days
  • What to do if you have a food blowout day
  • Exact calories to eat once goals are achieved

What is metabolic testing?

Metabolic Testing is the accurate, reliable measurement of your metabolism. The machine, by measuring both OXYGEN and CARBON DIOXIDE as you inhale and exhale, at rest, calculates total calories your body needs for either weight loss or for your maintenance zone.

In this way, all the guess work is removed, giving you the fastest and most reliable way of getting to your ideal body composition.