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COMBO Package Deals

Kickstarter 1

Kickstarter 1 + DNA

Kickstarter 1 + MACROS

Kickstarter 1 + DNA + Macros

Kickstarter 2

Kickstarter 2 + DNA

Kickstarter 2 + MACROS

Kickstarter 2 + DNA + Macros

2 DEXA pack

3 DEXA pack

5 DEXA pack

Metabolic + MACROS

Metabolic + DNA

Metabolic + Macros + DNA

5 pack coaching


10 pack coaching


20 pack coaching


DEXA for body composition, measuring muscle mass, fat mass, bone mass, visceral fat, body fat %, ideal weight and realistic time frame.

Metabolic test for Resting metabolic rate (RMR), exact calorie plan for training days and rest days and fat/ sugar burning ability.

DNA test for nutrition, exercise, and wellness, including: fat burning hormone, recovery ability, slow/ fat twitch muscle fibres, metabolism of lactose and many more. One off test which includes an 80 page report an interpretation with one of our experts.

Macronutrient breakdown ie carbohydrate, protein and fat requirements for your specific goals. Timing of food and fasting window, composition, tailored to your lifestyle.

Appointment Changes, Cancellations and Refunds


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  4. All credits are valid for 36 months upon purchase.
  5. Refunds will be provided where required under the Australian Consumer Law.
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