Coaching at BodyMeasure

This post is a 4 minute read BODY COMPOSITION COACHING! It’s Finally Available!  After years of our clients asking for it, Body Measure now offers personalised one-on-one Body Composition Coaching. Coaching is a sure-fire way to get your ideal body. In the fastest time possible!With weekly video calls, unlimited DEXA and Metabolic tests, ongoing measurements, progress […]

The Cheat Code for Fat Loss.


This post is a 4 minute read What is the Fat Loss Cheat Code? Imagine there was a piece of paper with your name on it.Under your name were the exact calories your body needs to get lean, and exact calories to stay lean.Imagine if this paper knew your actual metabolic rate (and not some […]

Visceral Fat, the Ticking Time Bomb

This post is a 2 minute read Visceral fat, otherwise known as belly fat, is stored deep within your abdomen and surrounding organs such as the intestines, liver, and pancreas. You might have heard of it before from fat loss gurus like Michael Mosley, and other wellness experts like Peter Attia. So, what’s all the fuss, […]