Are You a Fat or Sugar Burner? – Everything You Need to Know

Do you ever find yourself constantly feeling peckish and craving a snack, regardless of when or what you last ate? Maybe you find yourself constantly craving sweet and sugary foods and beverages that you know are no good for you, despite the fact you might be carrying excess body fat? If the above scenarios sound […]

Health Benefits When Fasting In Ramadan

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, many questions surface about the health benefits of fasting and how it could impact your body. If you are not familiar with the practice of Ramadan, fasting is one of the many traditions or rituals that is carried out over 30 days. Here is a quick definition: A […]

Is Your Diet Ruining Your Metabolism?

Many people, with the constant advise from many diet and health based media, opt for an extreme caloric deficit diet to lose weight. Unfortunately, being in too great of a deficit for your metabolism, can lead to muscle loss, which will slow down your metabolism. See the thing is, when your metabolism slows down, you […]

The importance of Sleep on muscle gain.

Does sleep have any effect on your muscles? Our Sports Scientists hear all the time from clients that their sleeping patterns are poor. Late nights out, working late, mind racing when your head hits the pillow etc. Can you relate? It is very well known and documented that sleep plays a crucial part of humans’ […]

Christmas Gift Vouchers.

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your partner, family member, colleague or that hard-to-buy-for friend? Look no further than Gift Vouchers at Body Measure! Choose from DEXA’s ($110), METABOLIC TEST ($150) or a range of package deals. With the ease of phone payments and email options, this gift will be a winner […]

DEXA scans, what is the benefit of getting more than one scan?

All of our clients at Body Measure know that DEXA scans are the gold standard for body composition. The most advanced technology giving you the most accurate representation of your current composition. Your FIRST SCAN is your a base line. With this information our experts can calculate your ideal weight, the time in weeks to […]

Body Measure podcast

Adam (owner) & Emily (sport scientist) from Body Measure were lucky enough to go one-on-one with Paul from the Shaw Show to create a podcast available to you, have a listen and let us know any questions or comments on what was discussed! What you’ll learn from the episode: Why everyone (not just athletes) […]

Finding motivation in fat facts- Bringing Sexy Back!

When Paula Beckton was selected as a contestant on Channel 7’s Bringing Sexy Back, she weighed 101 kilograms. However, Paula had convinced herself that the figure was only a number. It was only when she had her first DEXA scan, and was confronted with the facts about her body composition behind it, that Paula had […]